Got me thinking Disney is in on it, like Robin Williams dying was on purpose so everyone would focus on that and flood the media with that story and have people checking in everyday on any updates about his death instead the more important issues, like the fact that this has been going on for days and I’m barely seeing this, checkout the hashtags and get on game #mediablackout #ferguson #ripmikebrown
To all my followers who don’t live in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


All of you may have seen what is happening here, in a place called Ferguson. If not, I will sum it up for you. Innocent, unarmed seventeen year-old black male was sho multiple times and killed, and the POLICE, THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US, are throwing tear gas and shooting them with rubber bullets at peaceful, UNARMED, protesters. This is WRONG.

Please spread the word, because the whole entire world  needs to see this. THEY NEED JUSTICE.

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Watch ""We are Michael Brown"- A web of lies and brutali…" on YouTube

"We are Michael Brown"- A web of lies and brutali…:

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I didn’t know how to help, so I made a thing.
Q: Why do you care about what's going on in Ferguson? As a fellow white person it's not gonna happen to you or me or our friends, Lol


i care because i’m a human being who can’t sit by and allow injustices to be served to other human beings who do not in any capacity deserve it

i care because while i can’t empathize as a white person, i can sympathize and understand that this is not acceptable behavior from a white police force toward a mostly black community — their voices need to be heard but aren’t and maybe by actively discussing it i can, in some way, help find justice for them or at least let them know that there are so many people on their side

i care because i have a conscience and i care because people of color have been undermined and silenced by police forces sworn to serve and protect them and their communities for far too long, “Lol”

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▼▲Justice for Mike Brown


I lose interest so easily. In people, things, conversations, etc. That’s why I spend a majority of my time alone.

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A conversation with a friend who is no longer my friend

THE EX - FRIEND; but ky if you know you have that good good, confirmed by your ex’s why not use it to your advantage and get money? Give me one good reason?
ME; ummm because I value myself for one and here is a second one for free I not only have values but I have morals and standards as well
(In my head im like did this bitch really just tried to convince me to sell my pumpum like she does… this cant be real….im trippin or something)

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